My Friday photo for November 11th 2016

Madeiran sunset, very dramatic. There was rain overnight.


Cee’s Oddball Photos


For quite some time now when out on my daily perambles I have taken photos of things I  see on the ground. Here are just a few of August’s pictures. Some of these items I pick up and can be useful in my art work. 1. Straws around a rusty old scaffolding pole (a nice image on it’s own.) 2. A bank pen and ring pull. This pen works and the ring pulls are used to act as masks when dying papers and fabrics. They also make good hanging devices for small textiles. 3. More of no 2 found on the same day.


WordPress Photo Challenge

I was woken up last week to a terrible noise outside. This is what I saw when I opened the curtains.

Baby Black Headed gull had flown the nest on our roof top and was dicing with death on the road.

I was so pleased when he found his way to safety back on the roof.

I have been reliably informed that our gulls are NOT black headed gulls but herring gulls. Sorry I mislead everyone.

Looking closely

A post from bikerchick prompted two photos. 

Holly cat had just woken up and I looked closely at her beautiful whiskers in the second shot.

For my stitching friends you can see a beautiful whole cloth quilt situated on my bright red bed.

She was soon persuaded to stretch out and show the beautiful markings on her tummy.

One Love

OK it has been some time since I did the Daily Post’s Friday Photo Challenge and this is Sunday. ‘Better late than never’ which is what has happened over the last half year.

This photo, which has been my profile picture for quite some time on another social media site, encapsulates this weekend’s prompt of One Love.

  This is a selfie with Didi, a one woman cat. DH is tolerated when sitting in ‘her’ chair. I get the adoration.